HOUSE OF JANE CBD RELIEF Tincture, 1000mg Relief

HOUSE OF JANE CBD RELIEF Tincture, 1000mg Relief

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most medically beneficial compounds in cannabis, with applications for a wide range of diseases. When CBD is derived from hemp, it can even be useful as a natural dietary constituent.

Awareness of CBD’s benefits has dramatically increased demand for quality, pure supplements. A small size is an efficient way for anyone to assess how well CBD works for them. It often takes only a few milligrams of CBD to positively impact pain, cognition or anxiety.

It contains the full profile of CBD, CBDA, CBC & CBG cannabinoids. It is a tasty, convenient everyday use supplement that is derived from hemp stalk extract using CO2 methods. 

1000ml bottle. Lab Tested. 

Many people already know how much CBD they need to function optimally, and prefer larger bottles that last longer. The new 2 ounce tincture enables consumers to stock up and save some money as well. Since CBD is not psychotropic, large doses can be taken for strong anti-inflammatory effects without any impairment.

Ingredients: cbd hemp oil 33.3mg 0.3 THC stevia vanilla extract, vanilla extract

1/2 dropper: 15 drops .5ml