Jane's Brew Nano CBD Powder - 5000MG

Jane's Brew Nano CBD Powder - 5000MG

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Relax and Relief - Add to any beverage or recipe.

Our Nano CBD Hemp powder infused products provide a great source for all 8 essential amino acids, providing protein to your mind, body and soul. Had a long day? Looking to naturally wind down, ease the aches and pains of your last work out ?  House of Jane’s  specially formulated hemp derived CBD powders are easy to take along with you to work, gym, or travel. Simply add to your favorite beverage and enjoy the fresh light brew that will enhance your favorite beverage. Then grab that book, or favorite someone to chill-ax with!  Simply read directions then Live Life Feel Awesome!

Ingredients: Hemp Derived Cannabidiol Nano Enhanced Water Soluble, Maltodextrin, Food starch

Weight: 25 grams. 5000 mg, 500 - 10mg servings