Leading CBD Therapy for Lifestyle Enhancement
Founded in 2014, House of Jane began creating infused gourmet
beverages in California—the birthplace of the medical cannabis
movement. The company quickly evolved into the national Lifestyle
Performance brand, LIVE LIFE FEEL AWESOME, delivering premium
quality CBD Health and Lifestyle alternatives to individuals across
the US and in several countries.
Peak Performance for Health & Life
LIVE LIFE FEEL AWESOME offers a line of therapeutic, high-quality CBD
hemp, whole plant extracts and oils that consistency improve the
quality of life for health conscious consumers who seek Peak
Performance in all aspects of their lives.
The company’s products provide PREMIUM QUALITY access to naturally
safe and effective energy and healing for performance during
exercise, mental and physical focus aa well as psychological

A Happier, Healthier You!

Compassion and Safe Alternatives

With thousands of consumers House of Jane’s LIVE LIFE FEEL AWESOME CBD products offer real therapeutic properties that continue to be
Simply put, our pharmacist formulated CBD products give our consumers
a healthier, happier life—with more relief, focus and energy.
House of Jane is committed to IMPROVING LIFES. We care about people.
We have educational and assistance programs for people with long-
term disabilities and veterans.continue to be confirmed in dozens of clinical trials in the United States. Some conditions currently being treated with CBD in clinical trials include.