CBD Lifestyle Therapy
CBD Plus Vitality

LIVE LIFE FEEL AWESOME offers a line of therapeutic, high-quality CBD hemp, whole plant extracts and oils that consistency improve the quality of life for health conscious individuals and patients of all ages.


Unlike other CBD products, House of Jane has developed a Lifestyle  therapy that not only relieves but also offers essential vitality, energy and focus. The perfect combination to get the most out of life—ideal for active individuals and simply those who want the mental and physical freedom to get out and enjoy living.

The company’s products provide naturally safe healing and energy for exercise, mental and physical focus as well as psychological well-being.

Safe Alternative

Life Live Feel Awesome CBD is a cannabinoid molecule produced
from the genetically rich hemp plant. It is non-intoxicating, non-
psychoactive and non-addictive, and now legal in all 50 states and
many countries world wide.

With the use and abuse of opioids reaching epidemic proportions
researchers and patients alike are looking for alternatives to treat
stress, anxiety, age-related aches, chronic and acute pain as well as
many other disorders. CBD is a leading alternative that may offer a
solution by providing relief without the dangers of addiction and

Leading the Movement

Founded in 2014 in California—the birthplace of the cannabis movement,
House of Jane helped forge the way towards ensuring safe and legal
cannabis. With determination and belief in the right to provide the
healing benefits of cannabis, the company quickly evolved creating
premium quality CBD Health and Lifestyle alternatives to individuals
in need. With the passage of the Farm Bill, CBD is now available to
patients nationwide in accordance with state rights.


House of Jane is committed to IMPROVING LIFES. We care about people.
We have educational and assistance programs for people with long-
term disabilities and veterans. We are Jane’s Army—an army of
compassionate individuals who believe in and share House of Jane’s
commitment to improving lives.

SIDEBAR: “Simply put, our pharmacist formulated CBD products give our
consumers a healthier, happier life—with more relief, focus and
energy” -Tom Quigley, CEO of House of Jane.