Why CBD for Patients?

Two Great Ingredients That Together, Make For A Healthful Lifestyle.

Jill Amen Co-Founder of House of Jane Cannabis infused products (Available in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Washington State) and Ben-David Sheppard CEO have teamed to launch LLFA Health, offering the benefits of hemp infused products to all those interested in a all natural life enhancement line of products.)

Jill is an avid hiker and rock climbing, cannabis enthusiast who for over 30 years has been an avid advocate of the benefits of CBD and its analgesic benefits. Ben-David not so much. So how did this new line of Energy, Focus, and Relief products come about?

Are you old enough to remember to Reese’s peanut butter cup commercials? “Wow you got peanut butter in my chocolate!” “No you got chocolate in my peanut butter!” Two great ingredients that together make for an even better taste experience.

Now as your reading this you have to be wondering what the heck does any of that have to do with Health Supplements!

Grab a seat and a Jane’s Brew and hear our story:

I’m Ben-David Sheppard, a very active father of 3, I coach my boys in football and lacrosse. I am also the CEO the House of Jane. My boys and I live on the east coast and all of my businesses are on the west coast. Coaching, working and traveling were beating the hell out of me. On top of all that I had recently separated, my right shoulder, and tore my tendon in my left arm in a bad fall. So opening a door, reaching for anything, trying to throw a football were extremely painful if not impossible. I was incapable of using my left arm and right shoulder. I visited two specialist one being the team physician for an NFL team. She gave me 3 options:

  1. Surgery
  2. Pain medication—not an option due to the fog, lack of focus and addictive effects caused by pain meds
  3. Strengthen both areas thru working out, and suck it up and endure the pain and discomfort.

So option 3 it was:

Day one I could not do a push up, and at night I could not sleep from the pain and the soreness from my working out. I tried night time Tylenol for sleep and woke up groggy and seemed to have problems with recall during the day. So what to do ? Here I was involved in the cannabis business so that was a possible solution, however I did not want to have any psychoactive reactions during the day. I was stubborn, sore, tired, beat up, miserable, refusing to take big pharmaceutical addictive pain killing or sleep walking drugs or cannabis with THC.

Ok back to the Reese’s commercial, I was looking for a boost of energy and was given some B-12 Caffeinated Energy capsules, took them for focus and a boost of energy. They worked great for focus and energy, but with them came the jitters heart palpitations and then a hard crash. At night I needed to get some sleep being so tired, and sore after working out. So I thought I would go to Jill and our Cannabis team, and see what she and they, may suggest I try to help with sleep and ease the pain to relax. Their recommendation was unanimous “CBD”! So the next day before my work out I took my B-12 energy capsule and a dose of CBD for my pain and for anti-inflammation.

The Unexpected Results

I got CBD in my B-12, No I got B-12 in my CBD!

The results of this combination were amazing and life altering. I had my burst of energy, yet no jitters, no heart palpitations. It was A CLEAN ENERGY BOOST WITH NO CRASH. It was great! After having such a great result we went to our formulation scientist to create a one capsule one powder solution that could help with focus, energy and pain. We made up some samples and the results were the same for all those that tried this fantastic proprietary combination. So for focus and energy. “House of Jane CBD ENERGY CAPSULES and POWDERS were born!”

To relieve and relax at night or after a workout we created a proprietary combination of Hemp derived CBD Relief to help you chillax, and ease pain, House of Jane CBD RELIEF was born!

We hope you have the same results I and many others have found, from our capsules and powders. If your ever not satisfied you can always return any unused product for a refund. These claims and results are mine and have not been validated by the FDA, or other medical professionals.

I can tell you that I now not only can open a door and throw a football. I now do 200 push ups every day and do sets of curls with as much as 40 lbs. Yes with a torn tendon and separated shoulder! NO surgery no opioids all natural HOJ capsules and Powders with some hard work can help you to exceed your expectations at school, work or play!