This Is Big! Jane's Brew Cannabis-Infused Beverages Story, Product, Brand

Our Story

Ben-David Sheppard, House of Jane CEO/Managing Partner

Jane's Brew today is one of the fastest growing cannabis edibles in California. We're in over 120 dispensaries. We've already had folks sign up with us to license the product in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and the list goes on. We're very comfortable that we'll be able to take over the United States pretty soon.

Our target audience is the mature person who hasn't yet tried cannabis. This is a mature, responsible way to consume. 90% of the market who has not yet experienced cannabis is our target market.

We see Jane's Brew, not as a cannabis company that sells coffee, but as a beverage company that has the guts, and the vision to offer a cannabis-infused product.

The cannabis market looks like its going to grow up to $48 billion. California alone represents half of that once legalization for adult use comes about. We are well placed in California and we're the fastest growing edible in the largest consumer market on the planet.

Our Product

Jill Amen, House of Jane President

We consider ourselves the Starbucks of cannabis. Jane's Brew has everything that you can imagine Starbucks would have. We have coffees, teas and creamers in all different flavors and doses. Jane's Brew is not an ordinary coffee manufacturer. We source some of the best and richest fair trade coffees and gourmet teas. Our products are high-end. When you add our proprietary formulations, which took us nearly a year to develop, we have a product that tastes great--no cannabis taste--and makes a great social, therapeutic or medicinal occasion for anyone.

The brand is very strong. We've filled a space that hasn't really been addressed before for a lot of different reasons. First of all, we are about responsible medicating; that precedes everything we do in terms of our best practices for production and manufacturing and for the perception of our patients, and the greater audience. We want to break the stigma that has surrounded cannabis in the past. To do that, we're bold yet responsible and have integrity in everything we do.I think that is a very strong message for investors.

Our Educational Partner

Dr. Aseem Sappal, Oaksterdam University

There's a lot of opportunity in the medical and adult use marijuana industry. It is very important that a company represents itself well. In this industry it is very important to educate people who don't know a lot about cannabis and to add credibility to this industry. Now Jane's Brew does a very good job of this. When you look at their product, they have a quality product, they've been doing it for a long time. It's not easy to put a quality product out there. It takes a lot of revenue. Look at their packaging. Look at their labeling. Look at their health and safety codes. There are guidelines to follow--not everybody does--and Jane's Brew does a good job of making sure that they follow each and every guideline and health and safety code. They're doing a fantastic job of bringing people in and offering jobs. That's very, very important.

Our Legal Partner

Paul Zukerberg, Zukerberg Law Center

I'm so happy about the legalization of cannabis, especially in D.C. We're looking forward to companies such as Jane's Brew coming here and helping us. Having doses in a beverage like a coffee or tea is a great option for patients, particularly patients who don't want to smoke. Plus, the measured dose helps them get exactly the amount of medicine that they need. It's very important and Jane's Brew is leading in this industry.

Our Triple Testing

Mitch Kulick, General Counsel, Steep Hill Labs, Inc.

I'm very impressed. I love the fact that Jane's Brew is triple testing. We test the oil that's extracted from the plant. We test our proprietary powder used and we test a brewed cup of our coffee or tea. we want to make sure if we put in 20 mg in a cup, the cup you're drinking gives you 20 mg. A lot of edible companies haven't taken that extra consideration and in beverages that is very important.